How to Make Money with Camera

Today on this post I'm gonna share another way on how to make money with camera. If your passion is all about taking pictures, this will work best for you. In this post I'm gonna give you some tips I have learned and hope this will help you realize that your hobby can turn into money. Sounds good right? For many of us, digital cameras has become a passion. We invest in the batteries, memory cards and other camera accessories. Hopefully from this post I can help you recover the money that you spent on your hobby.

There are many companies that represent photographers and sell their photographs on the internet today. Those companies are called "Stock Photography Agents". There are many stock photography sites that will help you sell your pictures on the internet and share with you the revenues. Some of them are and

Here's how it works. After creating an account they will ask you to take the photographer test. Once you pass you will be able to upload your photos and it will be reviewed by the editors. There are lots of legality surrounding sale of photos and you must understand and follow, as well as the quality requirement.

Here are some things you should remember before uploading your photos to stock photography sites.

1. Your photos should be in JPEG format, but some sites allow to upload photos in raw images as well.
2. Most of the sites requires you to upload your photos in its original resolution.
3. Photos should not have any copyright materials or any trade marks.
4. If a picture has a person that can be identified you need to include a model released form. This shows that you have a consent of your object to be included in the photo.
5. Digital editing. There are lots of software application that can help you to edit your image. Some of them are Defacto Adobe Photoshop to the latest and much cheaper Adobe Lightroom and others.
6. Choosing appropriate keywords. To get good exposure on stock photo sites you need to put proper and descriptive keywords on your photos. Keep in mind that you are competing against thousands, millions of similar images. Buyers need to find you photos among all similar photos in the web image database provided by a stock agency.

Fortunately keywords can be directly inserted into JPG files. Which means that image carries its own keywords.

Online stock photography sites helps amateurs photographers like you and me to earn some money out of our hobby. If your that passionate and talented about photography and shoots hundreds of pictures every month, you can make more money from it.

Once you have reached the minimum payout you can get paid by PayPal or checks. Hope you've learned another way to make money online from this post.

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