Have you ever heard of the word domaining? The reason why I brought this thing up is that on this post I'm gonna introduce to you guys another ways to make money online. Domaining or domain investing is defined as the buying, selling, development and monetizing of internet domain names. Domain investing can be compared to real estate investing. There are lots of similarities when you invest in a house and when you invest in a domain. A domainer or domain investor would like to sell a domain for more money that they paid for just like a real estate investor the only difference is that in real estate investing, they often times trying to sell a house for 20% to 40% return in their investment while in domain investing most of professional domain investors make 10 or more times their initial investment.

Here's how it works.

The first thing you can do to monetize a domain name is to buy or purchase domain names that receives type in traffic or natural traffic. Type in traffic means that the visitors simply type in the domain name in their web browsers address bar located at the top of your browsers to visit the website. If you have domain names that receives traffic this way you can do domain parking.

How domain parking works?

Idle domains is use to display relevant ads and every time a visitor clicks an ad you earn money. Almost all of the domain registrars offer this service and this is also the simplest way to earn money from your domain names.

Another way to make money with domain names is to be a domain flipper. A domain flipper is a person that registers domain names that would later become valuable and sold them at a hiked up price. Lots of domain names now a days are already registered, so a domain flipper is someone who purchases domain names from other people that doesn't really know the true value of their domain names.

Domain flippers also increase the value of the domain names, the same thing you do when you flip a house if you do some upgrades that will increase the value of a house the same thing goes in domain flipping by increasing the number of visitors that are coming to that domain and increasing the amount of revenues from that domain you can sell your domain name for much higher price. You can do some upgrades to your domain names by developing it. making a site, adding contents to it, putting ppc and other monetization technique so you will earn money while waiting for your domain names to mature before selling it.

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ami said...

Interesting post. Domain parking is something that I have watched with some interest. I personally feel that it takes little time to put up 5 pages of relevant, niche specific content on any domain name and get more targetted traffic that way. I suppose people who have thousands of domain names may perhaps not have the time.

Also with the introduction of adsense for domains domain oarking may increase in poularity. But I think the bottom line is still pages with some unique content do better

Domain flipping. Well we all know the bankaholic story but that's the exception rather than the rule

Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Todd Whittemore said...

Great idea!
Is it kind of like flipping houses in real estate?
How do we get started with low startup costs buy make a profit?

forexwatch said...

Thanks for the info =

Richard said...


I agree with you that pages with some unique content do better, that's why there is another method where you can create your custom parking pages to build up traffic and revenue from domain names before doing the full flip..


yup it is similar to real estate investing, first you should be familiar of this industry before doing anything so I suggest do some research, since domain market also have trends. You should know the names that are hot and not. I'll probably discuss that in my next post..

james oh said...

There is a great idea of making money. With great thanks from

Felix Makmur said...

Thanks for sharing this great post. I found your site from LR btw and I also add your site to my favorites. Good luck

Pitonhneg said...

Agree. domain or domain name is a valuable asset. Such as gold, pearls, diamonds. value of the benefits seen from the measure. Good idea & good job man...thank you for sharing.