Ways to Make Money Online

On this post I'm gonna share some ways to make money online. However, you need to have a website or blog just like this one and skills in writing to do this. If you don't have a blog or website you can have a blog for free at blogger.com, or you can choose other blogging platforms on the internet today. It's up to you.

1.) Pay Per Click (PPC)

Make a blog or website and write articles about the things that you're good at. If your an expert in something you can make money from it. Remember content is very important that's how you will get lots of visitors. Then apply to any PPC out there just remember to look for the reputable ones. Whether its Google adsense, Yahoo search marketing, or Sell your ad space with BidVertiser. What you only need to do is to promote your website or blog and once visitors click not purchase or anything just click, then you will earn from it.

2.) Affiliate Programs

Join affiliate programs and earn money from each referrals. This is actually one of the biggest money making opportunities online. What you need to do is to find a product that fits the content of your site and start promoting it. If you think that's easy then your wrong. Specially now a days competition on internet are very high. Here's how it works. Your going to promote a product from your chosen affiliate. Pre-sell the visitors or searchers then bring them to the merchant sell page. When the visitor purchase then you will get paid.

3.) Make money from E-books

Selling E-books is one of the popular ways to make money online. This requires you to have a good or excellent skills in writing to succeed. Create your own website or blog and sell pre-written topics or you can write on demand, whatever works best. You can get paid from PayPal or other web money you prefer. I just found PayPal more reliable since their service allows anyone to pay in anyway they prefer including, through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credits, or account balances without sharing financial information. You can easily add website payment button using their service and they will do the rest. Just sign up to PayPal and check their merchants services for more info.

4.) Sell your own products

Selling your own products is a traditional way of making money online. No matter what kind of products you sell you can surely find a buyer online. Put up a website that focuses on your own products, have a good shipping plan and start selling it online.

5.) Auction your products

Another way to make money online is through auction products. You don't necessarily need a web site to do this, although it will help, since there are some auction sites out there. Lots of people enjoy selling via auction sites, because anything can be sold from their old personal items to new ones.

6.) Sell Your advertising space

If you have a blog or web site with a high page rank then you can sell your advertising space. Don't ask me if your wondering why advertising has to be relative to high PR rather than the number of visitors. I'm also asking myself the same question.

That's it for now. Hope you've learned something from this post. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment. Comments are greatly appreciated.

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Have you ever heard of the word domaining? The reason why I brought this thing up is that on this post I'm gonna introduce to you guys another ways to make money online. Domaining or domain investing is defined as the buying, selling, development and monetizing of internet domain names. Domain investing can be compared to real estate investing. There are lots of similarities when you invest in a house and when you invest in a domain. A domainer or domain investor would like to sell a domain for more money that they paid for just like a real estate investor the only difference is that in real estate investing, they often times trying to sell a house for 20% to 40% return in their investment while in domain investing most of professional domain investors make 10 or more times their initial investment.

Here's how it works.

The first thing you can do to monetize a domain name is to buy or purchase domain names that receives type in traffic or natural traffic. Type in traffic means that the visitors simply type in the domain name in their web browsers address bar located at the top of your browsers to visit the website. If you have domain names that receives traffic this way you can do domain parking.

How domain parking works?

Idle domains is use to display relevant ads and every time a visitor clicks an ad you earn money. Almost all of the domain registrars offer this service and this is also the simplest way to earn money from your domain names.

Another way to make money with domain names is to be a domain flipper. A domain flipper is a person that registers domain names that would later become valuable and sold them at a hiked up price. Lots of domain names now a days are already registered, so a domain flipper is someone who purchases domain names from other people that doesn't really know the true value of their domain names.

Domain flippers also increase the value of the domain names, the same thing you do when you flip a house if you do some upgrades that will increase the value of a house the same thing goes in domain flipping by increasing the number of visitors that are coming to that domain and increasing the amount of revenues from that domain you can sell your domain name for much higher price. You can do some upgrades to your domain names by developing it. making a site, adding contents to it, putting ppc and other monetization technique so you will earn money while waiting for your domain names to mature before selling it.

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E-mail Marketing

Another way to make money online is the so called E-mail marketing. This is actually not a new method just wanted to share it to new comers. The goal in internet marketing is to get people to visit your site. Once you get their attention they will help you make money in several ways. Some of it are buying the products or services that you offer, clicking on your PPC ads (pay-per click) and your affiliates and others. This method works well with affiliate marketing, lead generation and also online service businesses. Most of affiliate marketers rely on E-mail marketing to scale up their business online

Here's how it works. First things first find a good mailing service to host your mailing list like Interspire Email Marketer, aweber. Then the second thing you'll probably thinking after that is how to get people's email addresses the right way. You don't want to get flagged as spam right? If your are accused of sending spam messages on others email, then you may find your email closed down, your website shut off, and also you may even be breaking a law. That's where the issue of permission comes up.

What's permission? Responsible email marketing is based on the idea of permission. It is essential to get permission to the owner's email address before you can send them any commercial email. You don't want to send a spam email.

Moving on, set up a site specifically to capture email addresses and names. You may notice that lots of web sites have free offers and some are asking you to subscribe to their newsletter by filling out a form with your name and email address. Others are using the comment section to collect email addresses, but most are inviting you to subscribe to their newsletter to keep you updated with their blog content more like an RSS (Really Simple Syndication). There are also few other ways to do it, but you have to offer a good deal to make them subscribe. Good list builders should come up with ways to help the people on their list to make it a win win situation for both sides.

Once you have their email addresses you can now begin to include them in your regular mailing schedules. You can now send info. to their inboxes that invites them to go visit your site or the affiliate your trying to promote. This makes things easy for them since they don't have to bookmark your site, you just send them the link on regular basis.

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How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on YouTube

I'm gonna share another way on how you can make money online. This is not really a new method, but for those new comers who doesn't know about this and for people who loves to watch videos, you may want to try this out. Have you ever thought how you can make money from videos? Speaking of videos, I think most of internet users knows YouTube right? Have you ever thought how can you can make money on YouTube. Today on this post I'm gonna share some ways on how you can make money from it.

There are several ways on how you can make money on Youtube, but I'm just gonna give few on this post.

1. Create a blog in any blogging platform, I prefer using blogger.com. Basically because it's free, easy to use, no need to learn complicated programming languages for those who are not into programming. You can add a video to your blog and put some PPC ads on it. You can use Google adsense, yahoo search marketing, Sell your ad space with BidVertiser, and others or if your getting your traffic from search engines you can use Chitika. Just remember to look for reputable ones. What ever works best for you. What you only need to do is to promote your blog and once visitors click your ads you will earn from it. That's how easy it works.

2. You can promote your website or your affiliate offer using YouTube videos. Here's how it works.

a.) Download a popular YouTube video or music video using free software called YouTube Catcher, then save it in FLV format.
b.) Then convert it to MPEG with the free software named SUPER,
c.) Create watermarks bitmap image with your website address on it including your affiliate offer. I prefer using Photoshop. Then import your MPEG video to VirtualdubMOD. For more info. on how you can water mark your video using VirtualdubMod you can read this referrence.
d.) Add bmp image to video, then export and save your video to AVI.
e.) Then Convert AVI to MPEG using the software called SUPER.

One more thing, the water mark image should be text promoting your affiliate offer. For example ringtones. Your water mark image should look more like this "Get a free ringtones of this music video" stuffs like that. Then upload your finished video to Youtube. Then hide your affiliate URL with the redirection service like TinyURL.com. Place your created URL in the description field with some text describing about the offer. Just be more creative on it.

Just remember to use royalty free Youtube videos when doing this to avoid any penalty, much worst youtube account termination. Also your affiliate network account might also get cancelled if a Youtube viewer reported that your promoting an offer with a copy right violation.

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Why freelancing?

If your gonna ask me why freelancing? Hopefully on this post I would be able to answer that question. Now a days one very popular way of earning is to be a freelancer mainly because of lots of benefits they get from it in time, money, relationships, health and others.

Some of the benefits are working at your own home. You can work when you're most productive. You can save money on fuel and car maintenance. You can choose your boss. You can decide what to work on this means that you can drop clients that just worth the hassle. You can be more flexible to your time and more.

In order to be a freelancer you need to have two things one is a skill and two, your service should be highly needed on the internet. If you have those two things you can be a successful freelancer. You have a good potential of making money out of what you know and what you love doing. There are lots of opportunities online waiting for you since lots of web site owners hire freelancers for variety of reasons and some of them are the following.

1. Don't have enough time to do the work themselves.
2. They are too busy with there other projects.
3. They don't have the knowledge to perform the task needed.
4. The work will be much faster.
5. They prefer to hire freelancer rather than a company, basically because it's a lot cheaper.

These are just few of the reasons why freelancers are in demand on the internet today. Typically freelancers are much cheaper and they don't have overhead costs, they work in their own homes, and they don't have the type of running expenses that a larger companies have, which means that freelancers can offer their clients a much cheaper and more competitive services.

Another great aspect of being a freelancer is the ability to provide high quality and personalized services to their clients, since most of large companies have many things going on all at once that they cannot always give personal attention that most clients wanted. This is a lot more appealing to clients. In addition, freelancer typically works one project at a time allowing them to quickly finish the assignment or project in great quality and timely fashion.

There are lots of freelancing sites out there dedicated to helping freelancers find work like the few ones I mentioned in my previous post Work as Freelancer. If you have the specific qualities and the experience the client wants, You will have no problem in finding a project.

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How to Make Money with Camera

Today on this post I'm gonna share another way on how to make money with camera. If your passion is all about taking pictures, this will work best for you. In this post I'm gonna give you some tips I have learned and hope this will help you realize that your hobby can turn into money. Sounds good right? For many of us, digital cameras has become a passion. We invest in the batteries, memory cards and other camera accessories. Hopefully from this post I can help you recover the money that you spent on your hobby.

There are many companies that represent photographers and sell their photographs on the internet today. Those companies are called "Stock Photography Agents". There are many stock photography sites that will help you sell your pictures on the internet and share with you the revenues. Some of them are bigstockphoto.com and fotolia.com.

Here's how it works. After creating an account they will ask you to take the photographer test. Once you pass you will be able to upload your photos and it will be reviewed by the editors. There are lots of legality surrounding sale of photos and you must understand and follow, as well as the quality requirement.

Here are some things you should remember before uploading your photos to stock photography sites.

1. Your photos should be in JPEG format, but some sites allow to upload photos in raw images as well.
2. Most of the sites requires you to upload your photos in its original resolution.
3. Photos should not have any copyright materials or any trade marks.
4. If a picture has a person that can be identified you need to include a model released form. This shows that you have a consent of your object to be included in the photo.
5. Digital editing. There are lots of software application that can help you to edit your image. Some of them are Defacto Adobe Photoshop to the latest and much cheaper Adobe Lightroom and others.
6. Choosing appropriate keywords. To get good exposure on stock photo sites you need to put proper and descriptive keywords on your photos. Keep in mind that you are competing against thousands, millions of similar images. Buyers need to find you photos among all similar photos in the web image database provided by a stock agency.

Fortunately keywords can be directly inserted into JPG files. Which means that image carries its own keywords.

Online stock photography sites helps amateurs photographers like you and me to earn some money out of our hobby. If your that passionate and talented about photography and shoots hundreds of pictures every month, you can make more money from it.

Once you have reached the minimum payout you can get paid by PayPal or checks. Hope you've learned another way to make money online from this post.

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