How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on YouTube

I'm gonna share another way on how you can make money online. This is not really a new method, but for those new comers who doesn't know about this and for people who loves to watch videos, you may want to try this out. Have you ever thought how you can make money from videos? Speaking of videos, I think most of internet users knows YouTube right? Have you ever thought how can you can make money on YouTube. Today on this post I'm gonna share some ways on how you can make money from it.

There are several ways on how you can make money on Youtube, but I'm just gonna give few on this post.

1. Create a blog in any blogging platform, I prefer using Basically because it's free, easy to use, no need to learn complicated programming languages for those who are not into programming. You can add a video to your blog and put some PPC ads on it. You can use Google adsense, yahoo search marketing, Sell your ad space with BidVertiser, and others or if your getting your traffic from search engines you can use Chitika. Just remember to look for reputable ones. What ever works best for you. What you only need to do is to promote your blog and once visitors click your ads you will earn from it. That's how easy it works.

2. You can promote your website or your affiliate offer using YouTube videos. Here's how it works.

a.) Download a popular YouTube video or music video using free software called YouTube Catcher, then save it in FLV format.
b.) Then convert it to MPEG with the free software named SUPER,
c.) Create watermarks bitmap image with your website address on it including your affiliate offer. I prefer using Photoshop. Then import your MPEG video to VirtualdubMOD. For more info. on how you can water mark your video using VirtualdubMod you can read this referrence.
d.) Add bmp image to video, then export and save your video to AVI.
e.) Then Convert AVI to MPEG using the software called SUPER.

One more thing, the water mark image should be text promoting your affiliate offer. For example ringtones. Your water mark image should look more like this "Get a free ringtones of this music video" stuffs like that. Then upload your finished video to Youtube. Then hide your affiliate URL with the redirection service like Place your created URL in the description field with some text describing about the offer. Just be more creative on it.

Just remember to use royalty free Youtube videos when doing this to avoid any penalty, much worst youtube account termination. Also your affiliate network account might also get cancelled if a Youtube viewer reported that your promoting an offer with a copy right violation.

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