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Another way to make money online is the so called E-mail marketing. This is actually not a new method just wanted to share it to new comers. The goal in internet marketing is to get people to visit your site. Once you get their attention they will help you make money in several ways. Some of it are buying the products or services that you offer, clicking on your PPC ads (pay-per click) and your affiliates and others. This method works well with affiliate marketing, lead generation and also online service businesses. Most of affiliate marketers rely on E-mail marketing to scale up their business online

Here's how it works. First things first find a good mailing service to host your mailing list like Interspire Email Marketer, aweber. Then the second thing you'll probably thinking after that is how to get people's email addresses the right way. You don't want to get flagged as spam right? If your are accused of sending spam messages on others email, then you may find your email closed down, your website shut off, and also you may even be breaking a law. That's where the issue of permission comes up.

What's permission? Responsible email marketing is based on the idea of permission. It is essential to get permission to the owner's email address before you can send them any commercial email. You don't want to send a spam email.

Moving on, set up a site specifically to capture email addresses and names. You may notice that lots of web sites have free offers and some are asking you to subscribe to their newsletter by filling out a form with your name and email address. Others are using the comment section to collect email addresses, but most are inviting you to subscribe to their newsletter to keep you updated with their blog content more like an RSS (Really Simple Syndication). There are also few other ways to do it, but you have to offer a good deal to make them subscribe. Good list builders should come up with ways to help the people on their list to make it a win win situation for both sides.

Once you have their email addresses you can now begin to include them in your regular mailing schedules. You can now send info. to their inboxes that invites them to go visit your site or the affiliate your trying to promote. This makes things easy for them since they don't have to bookmark your site, you just send them the link on regular basis.

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